Why Governor Dr. Mutua believes OKA is wrong. Azimio La Umoja is about inclusion not exclusion.

“I have seen the statement issued yesterday evening by OKA about their reservations with the registration of AZIMIO coalition party.

From the onset, I wish to state that our overarching objective is to unite the entire country so as to accelerate economic development.

In this regard, the unity of political parties is KEY. I’m therefore surprised that OKA are talking about inclusivity on one hand but advocating for exclusion of over 20 political parties who signed up to form AZIMIO.

More accommodative

I would urge OKA and all our partners in AZIMIO become more accommodative, not only to MWANZO MPYA as the fourth leg, but to any other political outfit that wishes to join AZIMIO.

We must not lose sight that we are looking for victory and politics is about numbers. We were all working well together in the spirit of UMOJA before the document that OKA is insisting be reinstated.

The document was creating a power base of only three parties – Jubilee, ODM and Wiper, excluding all the other parties of AZIMIO from effective and democratic participation in AZIMIO.

Political zoning

Second, the document was laced with phrases and jargon that would have led to zoning, giving preference to the three parties and excluding the other parties from effectively participating in the general elections.

Third, we endorsed Raila Odinga via a democratic process of delegates and we felt that the seat of his running mate should also be processed through a democratic process that brings everyone together, for acceptability and effective motivation for campaigning.

To cure all these issues, H.E Raila Odinga, in his wisdom and spirit of inclusivity, chaired a meeting of all parties allied to Azimio where a caucus called MWANZO MPYA representing the other parties in AZIMIO, was admitted into the leadership Apex.

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The summit

From the initial exclusive 7 representatives to this summit, the number of participants were added to become 11, in the spirit of inclusivity.

Phrases that would promote zoning were removed and the issue of Running Mate was left open for a future date where a democratic process would be used to identify who would add value and also be able to work for Kenyans when Raila Odinga formed the next government.

Why would anyone want to exclude others in a movement of Umoja? Inclusion? First, as I said the other day, anyone opposed to expansion of AZIMIO and who wants only a three legged stool of three parties to be in charge and disregards everyone else, must have plans of blackmail and entitlement.

A three legged stool

A three legged stool can collapse if one of the legs breaks off. A four legged one will still stand.

Second, anyone engaging in a manner to ferment a crisis and pushing for exclusion of others that would make Azimio stronger, must be working for the competition with the aim of weakening a strong coalition that is meant to propel Raila Odinga to presidency.

I cannot find any other reasons for demanding that others be excluded and only a special outfit that creates an “Azimio La Utenganishi” be recognized.

Political selfishness

This political selfishness is the problem that we have faced in this country – of leaders and opportunists who whine and blackmail all the time and who put their personal interests and not those of Wananchi first.

AZIMIO LA UMOJA aims to cure this problem by focusing on Wananchi and how to roll back poverty.

I urge H.E. Raila Odinga and the other players in AZIMIO not to bow down to blackmail and extortion but to stand firm in championing for democracy, inclusion, politics of transformation, wealth creation and peace and stability in Kenya.

I am confident in our victory within AZIMIO.” Dr. Alfred Nganga Mutua, EGH, EBS, Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader & one of the Founding members of Mwanzo Mpya (fourth leg) in Azimio.Governor of MachakosApril 12, 2022.

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