Why iPhones operating system IOS makes it the best phone in the market

The iPhone operating system IOS is one of the unique and useful software for this gadget lovers.

They have many versions, and each version has its definite features.

IOS is known for its user-friendly intuitive interface, which is very convenient for apple device users.

With IOS, you should expect:


IOS prompts users to create a six-digit passcode instead of a four-digit one that can be easily cracked instead of the six.

It enables one to make an alphanumeric passcode with letters and numbers and gives you unlimited passwords.

It’s also easy to change a password to an alphanumeric. You open the settings app-Tap touch ID and passcode, then change the password.

When asked to enter a new passcode, tap passcode options and select custom alphanumeric code; enter your passcode and ensure that you remember it’s a passcode.

This alphanumeric security change means that no one will be able to hack into your iPhone.

It kicks an hour after your phone was locked unless you deselect the setting.

To create custom messages for calls you can’t answer.

IOS lets you respond to a call with a message when it’s not the right time to receive a phone call. Sometimes it gives you an option to explain what you are doing.

It depends on the version of the IOS you are running.

To maximally use your iPhone, swipe upward on the phone icon that appears next to the unlock slider and choose to respond with a text or tap the button labeled message above the slide to answer the slider.

By default, you’ll get three messages options, which are; ” I can’t talk right now sorry,” “I’m on my way, ” and “I can call you later,” along with a button that lets you enter a text there at that time, or you can even customize the prepared messages.

However, you cannot have more than three responses if you add a new one of the correct options.

Safety for Kids

IOS 12 comes with further parental controls in the form of screen time.

It lets you set allowances for using certain apps or categories of app warnings when running out and eventually a block.

Kids can ask for extra time, but the decision will not access unsuitable and mature content on the devices.

Prevent Addiction

The new feature in IOS 12 makes people less addicted to their iPhones.

By going to settings and checking screen time, you’ll be able to know how often you used your phone and what apps consumed your time.

You can also access the screen time breakdown for the last seven days. It helps you set downtime with only certain apps being available between certain hours.

For instance, you can set it at 10 pm and get a notification before your rest starts.

It’s also possible to set app limits, especially in social networking times. For instance, you can use them for 2hrs in a day.


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IOS features a quick-type system with a wide keyboard that is very smart.

It can guess what you are doing or trying to write, and it will sometimes correctly autocorrect your typed speech into the right one.

It gets better as you can still customize your favorite personal shortcuts and abbreviations and phrases you will like to expand from those abbreviations.

You might decide that YOLO be turned into you only live once etc. It’s easy to set up your shortcut.

To create, go to settings>General>scroll down and tap Keyboard select text replacement. You will be able to see the text replacements you currently have set up.

You can also add a new one by tapping the plus sign and adding your desired phrase and tapping save.