Why Telegram is the best messaging app in 2022

Telegram is a free messaging app that gained popularity when WhatsApp changed its privacy policy. This is where it announced that it will share data with its parent company META. Not only is their privacy feature the only attraction of the messaging app.

Here are reasons why you need to opt for telegram.

Unlimited server storage

With Telegram, you will enjoy unlimited storage. All your text messages, images, media files & documents are saved on their cloud.

You can access your telegram account on any device and multiple devices anywhere by simply logging in to your account. No backing up processes when logging in. Thereby you can download any file any time, anywhere.
You can send a 2GB file to a user as a single message.

Group member number capacity

A telegram group can afford a maximum of over 200,000 members. Here you do not have to worry about a group filling up.

Username feature

You can create a public username for your telegram account. This feature of Telegram allows you to communicate with anyone, even if you don’t have their contact.

You only have to search up people using their names. It is a way to ensure the privacy of the user’s contact number. You can also send messages in a group without revealing your phone number.

Secret chat

Secret chat is a kind of end-to-end encrypted chat in which one can set self-destruct timer. With secret chat, only you and the recipient can read the messages; even the telegram team cannot decipher them.

You cannot forward Messages in secret chat. The messages will be automatically deleted when the timer hits.

Sends any file

Users can send any file through Telegram. Telegram supports secure file transfer; you can easily share a large file of up to 1.5GB for free.

Multiple sessions

Users on Telegram can log in on multiple devices simultaneously and can receive messages on all devices.

You can keep messages in the draft as well. Suppose you are trying to send a message to another user.

You can type a long paragraph, and decide to send it later. Telegram will sync the draft message to all your devices, and you can send it from another device.


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Telegram is a great messaging app it lets you share any file and with videos, you can share up to videos of 1.5GB size. Secret chat ensures the conversation stays between the messaging users no forwading.