Why you need to have a last will and testament

You can never fully prepare for death, and when death occurs, it takes away all your power. In making decisions, and with no power, you will lose property, and your children will suffer.

The recent incident where the Bundi family lost their lives in a Voi accident rendered their young sons orphans.

This has sparked many reactions after the boys’ paternal uncle locked them out of their house, making them homeless.

This news came as an eyeopener to many people, and they thought it was essential to write a will for when you are gone, you leave your children comfortable.


1.You effectively communicate how you want your property and assets to be distributed with a will in place. You don’t want your assets to end up in negligible hands.

2. Failure to distribute your assets leads to family feuds, hatred, killing each other, and protracted court processes which are time-wasting.

3.The will lets you name a responsible and trustworthy guardian for your children, especially if you die before reaching adulthood.

Here, the guardian will make decisions regarding your children’s school, discipline them, and take care of them to able able to move on.

4.You can easily change your mind and will incase your life’s circumstances change. This happens especially when a new baby is born; you can adjust your property division

If the person you appointed guardian to your kids dies, you will have to change your will.

5.Imagine a chance to choose how your funeral will be .Here you write the specifications, thus no second-guessing what you would like.
In a will, you can state clearly where you want to be buried or if you want to be cremated.


A will only become legal if you drafted it with your lawyer present, and a will is only read when you are dead.

Take the chance to draft your will today; tomorrow is not promised. Protect your children and maintain a peaceful family. Let your legacy continue as your last will is going to be effected.