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Wife Exposes Mombasa Tycoon Alnoor Jiwan For Being Bisexual And Sexually Assaulting Their 13 year Old Daughter



Mombasa tycoon Shazmeer Alnoor Jiwan is learning it the hard way after his estranged wife decided to go public with her frustrations, hanging all the dirty linen for the world. So filthy are the allegations that one shudders.

In her confessions she stated all the details of how his husband Shazmeer Alnoor is bisexual and how he has been sexually assaulting their 13 year old daughter.

Alnoor was in the news over a land lease suit in which KPA officials were accused of operating illegally in leasing the land to the tycoon’s firm.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) accused the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) of illegally leasing out 3.2 acres of public land.

Below is the wild confession posted by the wife on her social media pages.

My name is Fauzia Shazmeer Alnoor Jiwan. I have been married to Shazmeer Alnoor Jiwan since 2002. we have a thirteen year old daughter together. We were happily married couple till my daughter was 7-8 years old, until I saw the habits that I didn’t like from my husband since our marriage.

I noticed he was a closet bisexual (he loves both women and men but he had a preference of men). I tried to talk to him about this very habit and he “promised” to change but he didn’t. I tried everything possible but He relapsed of the same habit again. Shazmeer’s man was married with 3 children and these two men didn’t want us women to ever know each other or even meet.

He kept inviting his man to our home and they would get a room in the house and be together till morning. Family and friends kept asking me why we hadn’t gotten another child yet but I couldn’t explain. Shazmeer didn’t want me to visit his family he didn’t let me even visit my own family neither did he want them visiting me cause he was afraid of me complaining to both families (both my family and his) about his behaviour.

I was so ashamed and disappointed and didn’t know what to do. I decided to be sleeping in our daughter’s room. i was so unhappy in the marriage. It continued like that till I decided to talk to him again but this time, I asked him for divorce if he wanted me to keep his secret of being bisexual.

He promised to leave his habit and asked me not to divorce him. He said he would relocate us to Dubai where I would not see them. He said he wouldn’t leave the man cause of his reputation and that’s why he suggested that we would move to Dubai to avoid colliding. But he promised to sell all his companies so that we would settle down together in Dubai and we would depend on the interest.

We finally moved to Dubai and Shazmeer kept showing me that he had “broken up” with the other man. He usually went back home after every 4 weeks. They were actually still together but he kept hiding it from me. Shazmeer kept changing from the man I know. He started denying me access to bank accounts, he started limiting me to certain things. I kept wondering if they were still together with his man.

I denied sleeping with him cause I discovered they were still together , and requested him that we would have another child through IVF, because I really wanted children. Whenever his time came to donate sperms, he kept dodging and when he decided to do the IVF, it became unsuccessful cause Shazmeer was behind it.( He bribed the Doctors cause he didn’t want to have another child with me).

Whenever I asked him if he was still with his man, he turned out to be violent. He kept beating me up whenever I could ask such questions and at the same time he would promise to make it up to me but this continued for a long time and it became a routine. Kept on coming to Dubai and leaving after every 4 weeks

In 2017, we traveled to Disney Land with our daughter and we were in the hotel. Shazmeer got drunk and came and slept between me and my daughter. He started touching our daughter. I heard our daughter crying and when I woke up I looked at him, he pretended to be sleeping. I asked our daughter if she was fine and she said she was fine. We left for Dubai and I reminded him to have IVF but he kept skipping cause he didn’t want to have other children with me and this made us to always argue and I continued to ask for Divorce.

In 2019, we traveled to Canada with our daughter. I heard him speak to his girlfriend and boyfriend. I asked him if he had gotten a girlfriend but of course, he denied. I asked him to give me a divorce if he had another woman cause I wouldn’t handle stress of dealing with both the girlfriend and the boyfriend but he declined. I didn’t want to spoil the holiday for my daughter so we left for the apartment. Shazmeer wanted to sleep with me in the morning but I declined cause he was violent. He promised to hit me with a machine he was using for gym. He then got drunk that night and came to sleep between me and my daughter and the same thing of him touching our daughter while we are sleeping happened but this time, I saw him. our daughter started crying and I screamed and we started arguing and he started threatening me how he will kill all my family members in Kenya if I spoke what happened .

He called his HR called Beatrice and told her to throw out my family members and within 2 hours my family was thrown out with all their properties. my family members didn’t know what was happening and they tried to reach me out asking me what was happening. I just told them to leave the house and that I would communicate when I had returned to Kenya.

He left for the bathroom and I got the courage to call one of my family in London told her, Shazmeer wanted to hit me but I didn’t say the actual thing of him touching our daughter. i asked her to help me call the police since I didn’t want Shazmeer to find me on phone calling the police. She called the police and the police came but I was so scared that I didn’t tell them the truth cause my family was threatened and my daughter was so ashamed and she was scared of what her friends would say about it and that is the time I remembered when we were in America and she cried at night. I asked her if the same thing had happened to her and she accepted but she said she was scared of telling me . I only told the police that he wanted to hit and abuse me.

The police asked me how I wanted to be helped and I said I wanted to go to a family friend and that night my daughter and I went to my family friend’s house in Canada. he kept calling his daughter like a crazy person and I told my daughter not to pick the call so she wouldn’t be stressed out. The next morning, he called me and asked for forgiveness and even swore on his mother’s grave that he would never repeat that behaviour again. We were confused me and my daughter on what to do and again we didn’t want to embarrass him so we decided to go back. He apologised to us and touched his daughter’s head and swore on his mother’s grave not to do that mistake ever again.

He even promised to buy us a house in Canada and actually took us to view certain houses on which he would buy. There were 3 to 4 houses and we chose 1 house. He promised us that on the next trip he would sell all his companies and that we would shift us to Canada cause according to him he wanted his daughter to get the best education and life. This too he swore on his mother’s grave. This is the second time he was promising to sell his company and become a family man.

But it was all lies, he wanted us to come back to Dubai cause he didn’t want to open a case while in Canada and when we returned, i decided to go to Kenya to know if he still pushing out with the boyfriend but instead I discovered he had a girlfriend and still continued seeing his man. When I asked he got drunk and came to our bedroom and touched our daughter, again. We argued and decided to file a case here in Kenya. He strangled me and told me to go back to Dubai. He wanted us to quickly leave Kenya. My daughter’s school was on going in Dubai and I had no choice rather than coming back to Dubai.

This is when we discovered the truth when he confessed that he will do whatever he wants and that no one will ever help us. He was worse, he started forcing me to sign what I couldn’t understand. He couldn’t allow me go through the documents before I could sign. He told me we had no choice and he would “make me a dustbin” and if we tried anything, he would finish me and my daughter would end up being an “uneducated b*tch” just like me.

He became hostile and continued to threaten us that he was ‘Shazmeer Jiwan’ and that we couldn’t do anything. He swore to kill me if I tried anything against his will. I asked him for divorce if that was the case. He refused and said he would do anything to protect his reputation. He then told me to go to Dubai police or Canada and get my divorce. He then told me that he would kill me if I went to Kenya to file for divorce.

In December 2020, the same thing happened, he got drunk and came to touch my daughter again things worsened, we fought and he beat me so hard. Me and my daughter closed ourselves in the room. We called the police but my daughter requested me not to mention what exactly had happened on fear that she wasn’t ready to testify anything. I kept quiet on the real issue cause I didn’t want my daughter to feel inferior or commit suicide due to such a shame. I told my daughter that I would just file for divorce so that we would live a free life.

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Ngina Kenyatta gives birth to president Uhuru’s third grandchild



News reaching us from the grapevine is that president Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter was at a city hospital yesterday to give birth. 

Our source who works at the hospital said, “Ngina Kenyatta is giving birth there. She’s already at the hospital.”

Her mother, first lady Margaret Kenyatta, was also spotted at the hospital yesterday evening.

Ngina Kenyatta has not been seen in public for many months prompting speculation as to her whereabouts. The interesting news is that, late last month Ngina got married to the son of a famous business tycoon.

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Former CS Wario sentenced to 6 years in jail or pay Ksh.3.6M fine



The former Cabinet Secretary risks up to 6 years in prison if the fine is not paid.

Hassan Wario, the former Sports Cabinet Secretary, has been fined Ksh.3.6 million by a Nairobi court after being found guilty of corruption, abuse of office, and misappropriation of funds during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The former Sports CS was charged with 4 counts, the first count is engaging in a project without prior planning contrary to Section 45 (2) (c) as read with sections 48 (1) of the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act No. 3 of 2003.

The other three counts were abuse of office contrary to Section 46 as read with Section 48 of the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act No. 3 of 2003 with particulars that he improperly conferred a benefit on three persons by including them on the list of delegation to Rio, Brazil for Olympic Games 2016.

The magistrate noted that there was wastage of resources adding that the budget for the games needs to be tailored. She directed that not everyone involved in the planning should travel.

The former Sports CS was charged with 4 counts, the first count is engaging in a project without prior planning contrary to Section 45 (2) (c) as read with sections 48 (1) of the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act No. 3 of 2003.

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World remembers 9/11 as Biden joined by Obama and Clinton mark America’s darkest day



Two decades after hijacked airliners smashed into New York City’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon outside Washington, America and the world are honouring the nearly 3,000 lives lost.

It is also a day to reflect on how the trauma of September 11, 2001, helped to shape modern society.

The centrepiece of events sees the US President visiting three sites associated with the attacks.

He is currently at ground zero in lower Manhattan at the September 11 Memorial, where crowds have lined the streets to the sounds of the national anthem performed by the Young People’s Chorus of New York.

Bagpipes were then played before a moment of silence was observed at 8.46am (GMT 1.46pm) – the time American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower.

After that, family members began reciting the names of 2,977 victims, an annual ritual that will last four hours.

This was broken up by emotional speeches, as well as similar silences to mark the second plane – United Airlines Flight 175 – hitting the South Tower 18 minutes later.

And then for when American Airlines Flight 77 struck into the western façade of the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia at 9.37am (2.37pm GMT), and United Airlines Flight 93 – which was heroically crashed by passengers who regained control – at 10.03am (3.03am GMT).

In video footage captured by the Mirror’s Andy Lines, a fire engine was seen incredibly being dispatched on an emergency call just two minutes after the first silence was observed.

The crew were seen heroically racing out from FDNY Engine 28/Ladder 11, just as the brave firefighters did from the same station 20 years ago – almost to the minute.

Later on, Biden will go to the Pentagon and to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 crashed.

The remembrances have become an annual tradition, but today takes on special significance.

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