William Ruto family heritage

William Ruto father Daniel Samoei Kipruto araap Cheruiyot;

Was born in 1914 in Kericho, to Mzee Cheruiyot araap Chumba.

Who later moved to Ziwa in Nandi in the late 1960s. They were members of the Kapkomoseek clan – animal totem Kibiegen (baboon).

William Ruto Grandfather

The Kapkomoseek Clan in Nandi is known as Kapsato.

Which split from the larger family when they moved to Nandi in the early 1800s.

William Ruto’s grandfather was named Cheruiyot araap Chumba. Who was the son of Maruri araap Cheruto, the last born son of Cheruto araap Maina.

William Ruto Grandmother

And who was one of the earliest headmen of the Kipsigis appointed in 1905. Serving until his death in 1911.

William Ruto grandmother was named Chebukwo Obot Temoet;

A daughter of the Kipkenda clan. Cheruto araap Maina was the son of Maina araap Chibweri;

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William Ruto relationship with Warekos

Who was the son of Chibweri the brother of Wareko. Wareko was the grandfather of Sato (hence Kapsato of Nandi).

Cheruto araap Maina was a gazetted headman of Location 1 (Kiptere) in Kericho. Appointed by Kericho DC Hugh B;

Partington in 1905. He was appointed because of his outstanding leadership of troops of battle.

William Ruto links with the Kipsigis

And had become enormously wealthy by the standards of his day.

He was appointed to work under Orkoiyot Kipchomber araap Koilegen;

Who was appointed Paramount Chief of the Kipsigis in 1905.

William Ruto relationship with Cheruto

He in fact accompanied Koilegen to Mombasa; in 1906 for the King’s birthday celebrations.

And he can be seen on the famous photo where Koilegen is turbaned.

Cheruto was a man of great influence and so as the headman.

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November 1911

He was tasked to collect hut and poll tax among the Kipsigis under his jurisdiction.

One day in November 1911, Cheruto araap Maina is killed;

When he went to collect taxes from one of the sons of the Kisii woman who had been under the care of his father; Maina araap Chibweri.

William Ruto Connection with Kapmanaichi

Kapmanaichi as the family is known, had a belligerent son who didnt pay taxes.

Cheruto araap Maina got one of his bulls and had it driven to market and sold for the tax.

The angry young man came to the place where Cheruto was drinking;

Death of Cheruto

That evening and speared him to death from behind. So died a great chief of the Kipsigis people.

Partington mentioned Cheruto araap Maina’s death in his diaries.

And the same is true by the Kericho District Political Record of 1911;

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Strange thing about Cheruto’s death

Available at the Kenya National Archives. The strange thing about the death was that;

It happened to members of the same clan whereas if he had been killed by an outsider;

Blood money will have to be paid. There was no blood money here.

William Ruto Traces in 1912

The following year 1912, a son was born to Kipkurui araap Maina;

And to remember his brother, he named the boy Kipkilel araap Kirui.

In due course, Kipkilel baptized into the Catholic church at Kipchimchim in July 1950.

Links with Cheruiyot Family

And became firm friends with his cousin Daniel araap Cheruiyot; the son of his uncle Cheruiyot araap Chumba;

The son of Maruri araap Cheruto the son of Cheruto araap Maina.

Simeon’s father Kipkurui araap Maina was the younger brother of Cheruto araap Maina.

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Araap Maina Heritage

And the older brother of Kenduywo araap Maina. Their mother is Nyariki, the first wife of Maina araap Chibwerris.

Taptechmet is married to Kipchomber araap Koilegen;

And was the mother of Kiboin araap Sitonik (father of the late Eli Sigilai and others).

Moving to Nandi

When Simeon moved to Nandi in 1964 and settled at Kipsiorori village; in Kaboi location of Kaptumo division;

Daniel followed him there staying with him briefly as he searched for land in Nandi.

He stayed at his farm in Kipsiorori village in Kaptumo shortly before moving to Kamagut.

Birth and Parents

Near Eldoret where he purchased land from the departing Europeans.

Before leaving Kericho, Daniel is married to Tamunai with a son named Labose.

When he moved to Kamagut, he married Sarah; and William Ruto was born to this union in 1966.

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The Fourth Child

William was his fourth child. Seeing that his son had settled in Nandi;

Cheruiyot araap Chumba also moved to Uasin Ngishu in 1968. Going all the way to Ziwa where he purchased some land.

He lived there until his death in 1976. Araap Chumba’s older brother Labose remained in Kericho;

Close Ally

As did his younger brother named Mbega, who is the father of Job Chirchir (formerly a director at NTSA);

And a close ally of William Ruto. Mzee Cheruiyot araap Chumba had several children among them;

Grand Uncles and Anties

Maria Keter, Grace Marindich, Nelly Mwei, and the late Joshua ‘Kiptamet’ araap Cheruiyot.

Daniel Samoei araap Cheruiyot (William Ruto father) and the last born son Philip araap Cheruiyot who lives in Ziwa.

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Uncle Joshua

William Ruto uncle Joshua ‘Kiptamet’ Cheruiyot moved to Chepkumia where he bought land.

Married a Nandi woman of Kapsegoi family and joined the African Israel Church;

Nineveh (hence the nickname ‘Kiptamet’ for his turbans).

William Ruto Politics and the Nineveh Israel Church

You have seen that some of Ruto’s biggest fans are members of that African Israel Church Nineveh.

And it is not by default. He has relatives there.

William Ruto Siblings

William Ruto eldest brother is Paul Labose from his older mother Tamunia.

Next are Susan and Elizabeth are from his mother Sarah.

William Ruto comes in fourth. After him are late Kiprop, Triza, David and the late Harrison Ruto.

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William Ruto Father’s third wife

From his father’s third wife Leah are Tecla, Samuel, Janet, Philemon, Jonah, Joel.

Mzee Daniel Samoei araap Cheruiyot died on March 29, 2008;

Laid to rest at Kamagut.

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