Young Boy Never Broke Again Has 2023 Marriage Plans

Young Boy Never Broke Again is rumored to be getting married soon.

YB NBA is engaged to Jazlyn Mychelle, the mother of their two children, a 1-year-old girl named Love Alice Gaulden and a 2-month-old infant.

Last month, while on Instagram Live, NBA YoungBoy inadvertently revealed that he will marry in January 2023.

During a conversation with his followers, the “Purge Me” artist allegedly stated that he was lonely. That’s when someone in the comments suggested he sign up for OnlyFans.

NBA YoungBoy was insulted by the notion and blurted out the date of his wedding in response.

“This nigga said OnlyFans,” YB remarked, turning to face another individual in the room. “My wedding is on January 7th. You can’t buy my way onto muthafuckin’ OnlyFans for $10 million, nigga. You’re insane.”

“I was jocein’, I was jocein’, bih,” he said again. “You can’t pay me ten million dollars to be on OnlyFans. I’m lonely because I don’t have any fans. Everyone has stopped like me, son. So, what should I do now?”

If the marriage rumors are accurate, the 23-year-old rhymer will have had an exciting and productive year. NBA Young Boy released many projects in 2022, including The Last Slimento, 3800 Degrees, and Ma’ I Got a Family.

Drake and NBA YoungBoy are the most-streamed artists in 2022, according to HitsDailyDouble.

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NBA Young Boy is reportedly looking for a female ‘SERVANT’

NBA YoungBoy is rumored to have stated that he and his fianc√©e Jazlyn Mychelle are seeking for a female servant, and that he is “more serious than a killing” about it.

YB appears to forward his servant request to her, stating the prerequisites for such a post, in a screenshotted text exchange uploaded on social media by the artist Teelee.

“Attention read clear, me and mine need a bitch (servent),” YoungBoy started. “If you have my phone number, please text me (I am more serious than a killing) and don’t be afraid.” Baby, if you do what you are instructed, you will not be sold. I vow to shower you with jewels, fancy stuff, and lovely outfits.”

“Don’t pay attention to outspoken bullshit from the outside hoes are even blinded by things you were told as a child,” he continued. We make the rules, so call me baby, text me, and tell me you love me.”

As NBA YoungBoy allegedly seeks his next servent, the Top rapper recently concluded a fairly contentious back and forth with Bobby Shmurda, who inserted himself into an online sparring match over comments Rowdy Rebel made about Quando Rondo affiliate Lul Tim, who allegedly shot and killed King Von in November 2020.

“When King Von died, that Lul Tim n-gga didn’t have to come out of the car and start squeezing immediately away,” Rowdy explained to Math Hoffa in a recent interview. “How much hatred do you already have for killing this man?” You had the upper hand‚Ķ but you’d already decided to murder.”

While YoungBoy refuted Rebel’s charges and backed Quando’s side, Shmurda chimed in with a diss of both NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo on Instagram Live.

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