Young Thug’s  Legal Counsel File A Motion To Keep His Lyrics Out Of The Rico Trial

Young Thug’s lawyers are trying to keep his lyrics out of his collective YSL‘s upcoming RICO trial.

According to court documents released on Tuesday (November 29), the Atlanta rapper’s legal team has filed a motion to exclude songs, lyrics, music videos, and social posts from the trial evidence.

The admission and use of these lyrics/poetry/artistry against [Young Thug] in his impending trial would be a Constitutional breach and an abuse of discretion, too prejudiced and unconstitutional, according to the motion. “Moreover, using these lyrics/poetry/artistry/speech against [Young Thug] is racist and discriminatory since these lyrics/poetry/artistry/speech will poison and prejudice the jury.”

Young Thug’s attorney dismisses the new charges as his client awaits trial in the YSL RICO case

While awaiting trial in his RICO case, Young Thug has been charged with multiple more accusations.

Atlanta rapper Jeffery Williams (actual name) is facing misdemeanor charges for street racing, reckless driving, and speeding. Thug is accused of driving at 120 mph on Interstate 85 in May.


Young Thug’s attorney maintains the rapper is innocent of all charges against him and that the system is wronging him.

Young Thug’s image while in prison.PHOTO/CREDIT

“That matter was being addressed with a seatbelt violation as of two weeks ago,” he stated in a statement. “It was indicted today in Fulton County Superior Court. Our system is causing him harm.”

In May, Young Thug and 27 others (including Gunna) were arrested on racketeering charges relating to Young Slime Life, which prosecutors contend is a criminal street gang with ties to the Bloods.

Young Thug’s team is eager to demonstrate his innocence in the RICO trial, which starts on January 9, 2023. The rapper’s message regarding the gang-related gunshot deaths of Zyion Charles, 12, and Cameron Jackson, 15, in November near Atlantic Station, was also shared by the man.

According to Young Thug, “the effects of gun violence on individuals and communities in Atlanta goes deep with many more families having to grieve their loved ones.” “We must secure our neighborhood. I promise to utilize my power to stop violence in Atlanta and throughout the world.

Meek Mill shares a touching tale of a young thug who helped an abused teen

Meek Mill is assuring the world that Young Thug’s a real one despite rumors the caged YSL rapper has been slammed with even more accusations ;he remembered a moment when he asked Thug for assistance with a victimized adolescent and Thug came through big time with a vision of a headline about the new charges.

This isn’t the first time Mill has come to Young Thug’s aid. Shortly after being arrested alongside Gunna and over two dozen other members of their YSL collective in May, the Philadelphia rhymer took to Instagram to express some encouraging words and a prayer for his friends.

“I saw Thug put on many families with my own eyes,” Meek wrote. “In these dark times, stand up for them!” Women, labels, n-ggas… I hope DA is fair to them, knowing what we’re going through out here. Thug and Gunna are not criminal lords; they are successful rappers with influence who have not abandoned their roots… It’s basically RICO if you bring your environment with you. Keep an eye on yourself here.”

Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, stated that the additional accusations are being brought as misdemeanors, thus they should have no impact on the current RICO case.